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My aim in life is to live everyday in the rescuing power of the gospel. My aim in ministry is to help others do the same. As hard as I may strive however, I am convinced that such a goal cannot truly be attained without the help of God-given friends.


As men, there is a small handful of friendships we will need within the course of our lives. Seven, to be exact. That’s all—just seven.


We can have more. In fact, we can have as many as we want. But we need at least seven guys in our lives. They are illustrated by the friendships modeled for us in the Bible, described for you in this book.


Like a NASCAR pit crew that comes over the wall to advance the race car driver to the finish line, so we too need a spiritual pit crew: a handful of men who are personally committed to our spiritual victory. Let’s learn who they are and how to find them. Grab this book and start your engine. 

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"The fact that men need friendships is not an accident. God made us that way. A man without real friends is a man vulnerable, discouraged, and spiritually unhappy. In this book, you will learn about the friendships a man needs—and why this matters so much to Christians."


Dr. Albert Mohler, Jr.

President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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With over 20 years of leadership experience with churches as a pastor and church planter in California, Ohio, Nebraska, and Arizona, Justin has partnered with business leaders and campus/sports ministries. He has dedicated himself to unleashing the fullness of a person’s God-given potential by discovering the power of alignment. He is a coach, speaker, and founder of the Hardwired Coaching consulting firm and It Stands Written ministry.

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